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Omnia Lash Spa

Lash Setting Spray

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  • Holds Eyelash Extensions in Place
  • Contains Biotin for Lash Health
  • Rose Water Scented

Are you tired of your lash extensions constantly looking messy and not staying the way you want them? Do they constantly criss-cross, twist and flop sideways when their grown out? We can help with that!

We created the Lash Setting Spray to fix that problem! Our Lash Setting Spray acts like a hairspray for your lashes. It keeps them in place, and with the added Biotin, helps your natural lashes grow stronger! The fact that it smells like Rose Water also helps!

You can use this product on your Eyelash Extensions, natural lashes and brows! 

How to use: Spray Lash Setting Spray on to a spoolie and brush your lashes in place.