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Omnia Lash Spa

Hybrid & Volume Advanced Lash Class (ONLINE)

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8 hours Total

This is an advanced Eyelash Extensions Course for Classic Experienced Lash Artist! You will learn all the advanced techniques of Hybrid and Volume Lashes including but not limited to creating lash fans by hand and creating beautiful sets that will have your clients returning for more!

Lecture videos explaining the type of lashes, glues and supplies to use for fans. Demo videos of creating and placing fans. An extensive Hybrid and Volume Lash Mapping Talk through guide. This course includes a tutorial on how to transition yourself from a Classic artist to a Hybrid and Volume artist! 

Online Course Only $495

Volume Lash Kit: $95

1HR/. Zoom Coaching Call: $195

In-Person 1-1 Live Model Session with Instructor: $395