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Omnia Lash Spa

Brow Mapping Mastery Course (ONLINE)

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Elevate your brow artistry with our all-encompassing online course, perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists. This course covers the essential techniques and advanced strategies for brow mapping, suitable for all services including brow shaping, laminations, tinting, and permanent makeup. Through detailed video tutorials, practical exercises, and expert guidance, you will learn to achieve perfect symmetry and tailored designs for every client. Gain the skills to master facial analysis, precise measuring, and the latest mapping tools, ensuring exceptional results in all your brow services. Join us to refine your craft and boost your professional confidence, no matter your current skill level.


What to Expect:

  • Brow Mapping lecture
  • Step by step cheat sheets and video demos
  • Learn 2 different methods of Brow Mapping
  • Golden Ratio Compass & String Technique
  • Extended Brow Mapping for PMU
  • “Easy” Brow Map version for non-PMU services
  • Brow Mapping difficult cases
  • 5 different Brow Mapping video demos
  • Practice exercise sheets for memorization
  • Supplies links or Option to purchase our kit
  • Troubleshooting mapping to get it right
  • Q&A’s


Add Ons:

  • Brow Mapping Kit ($125)